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Emily Esfahani Smith is an international speaker who has delivered dozens of keynote addresses and workshops at major corporations, conferences, non-profit organizations, libraries, universities, and high schools around the country and world. A former instructor in positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, she speaks on a broad variety of topics, including finding meaning in life and work, positive psychology, well-being, building successful relationships, storytelling, resilience, rethinking success and ambition, the psychological significance of myths, and the value of the arts and the humanities in a good life. Her talk on the TED main stage, “There’s More to Life Than Being Happy,” has been viewed over 7 million times.

"Your time with us was brief but powerful for our community. Everyone I've spoken with has been deeply appreciative of the evening, and your wise, humble, warm presence. I hope you continue to pursue this, as we really do need to hear what you have to share. I hope we can welcome you back here again." —The Jung Center, Houston, Texas

For speaking engagements, Emily is exclusively represented by The Lavin Agency. To book her for your next event, please contact Charles Yao, Director of Intellectual Talent at Lavin, at Please visit her speaking page here for bio, topics, and videos.